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Bjärsäterstorp is situated in the vicinity of the village Björkvik in Södermanland. The farm is owned and run by Elisabet Jansson.


There are several types of production going on. The farm with cultivation and breeding of stock is run according to the rules of KRAV for organic agriculture. The furs of the lambs and sheep are manufactured and sold at the farm.


We have Bed & Breakfast in rural charm. We have renovated the west wing to that purpose. There are 4 beds, a kitchen and a bathroom. Call Elisabet at +46706813052 for more information and reservation.





There are about 90 ewes at the farm. The stock is approved by KRAV (organic) and free of Maedi Visna. 150–200 lambs are born every year in the springtime, often about Easter. During spring, summer and autumn the stock is grazing on pasture and grasslands. 


The tilled land consists of varying earth deposits, from sand to clay mixed with mould. Of the grain product the most part is sold as seed, a small part is used as forage. The harvest is sold to Samväx/ Björkviks Marktjänst. This firm also works on our fields to a certain extent. The cultivation is handled by Johan Lagerholm, Elisabet’s nephew.


The grassland is used for grazing and production of forage. We make both hay and silage in order to get nourishing food.  We have hay and silage for sale.


We make cushions and hobbyhorses of the fleece, but we also sell whole hides.



Are you interested in buying lambhides or some of our other products, please contact us via mail.


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